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Working with words and language, ensuring that a message is delivered correctly, precisely and flawlessly, and ensuring it has the impact that the target market requires, is not everybody’s cup of tea. 

Dawid Brand is a wordsmith like no other. 

Whether you are looking for someone to generate new, original copy (from press releases and newspaper articles to insightful and gripping interviews), looking for a trained eye that can refine or rewrite your writing, or whether you are looking for someone who can rework and translate your work – leave your word pearls in Dawid Brand’s skilled hands! 

Dawid holds a BA degree in Communication Science from the North-West University and boasts more than two decades’ experience and hundreds of articles and reports from his pen – digital and in print, Afrikaans and English.  

Publications where his work has been published include Rapport, Beeld, Rooi Rose, Lééf, Lig,
Taalgenoot, Solidariteit Tydskrif, Maroela Media and élan (Medihelp)


Christine Ferreira
Editor: Lééf

Sonja Carstens
Editor: Labour Report
Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp
MC, entrepreneur, actress and JacarandaFM presenter

Cilleste van Dyk
Head of Content & Language at Solidarity